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Birth Story: Ashley's Journey to a C-Section Birth


Ashley engaged early in pregnancy, with a wish for a Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) following a previous c-section due to induction.

Consultation and Preparation:

Throughout Ashley's pregnancy, we discussed her options and preferences extensively, ensuring she felt supported and informed every step of the way.

Labour and Delivery:

Ashley did not go into labour spontaneously, opting for two stretch and sweep procedures at 40+2 and 40+6 weeks. Due to her VBAC status, a consultation with the obstetric consultant was necessary, resulting in a decision to schedule a c-section at 41 weeks due to low amniotic fluid levels.

Postpartum Care:

After the c-section, Ashley and her baby received attentive postpartum care, including thorough checks and support for breastfeeding. Despite unexpected challenges, they eventually thrived.


Ashley expressed gratitude for the support and guidance provided throughout her pregnancy and birth journey, reflecting on the empowerment and confidence she gained in making informed decisions for herself and her baby.

(Note: Name has been changed for privacy)

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